The other day at a local fly shop (the evil one, but that's for a later article), I tested out a new type of line by Scientific Anglers called "Sharkskin."  Unlike most fly lines Sharkskin has a textured feel to it that the company says make the line float longer, reduce friction, and allow both for better roll-casting and distance casting.  Since I tested it in a parking lot, I cannot comment on the flotation or roll-cast ability.  The line did shoot farther than anything I experienced both with a Scott G2 and a Sage Z-Axis.  Nevertheless, I have several quibbles with it.

1) When going through the guides, the line has a hissing sound just like a pissed-off cat.  I am not sure I could get over it.

2) The texture of the line feels harsh at times.  I tore up my hand on a smooth line fishing for a week in Baja.  I would hate to think what this line would do to me.  Stripping glove are probably a must when using it. 

3) This comment is pure speculation, but I worry that the textured line could pick up dirt and grime.  My lines got filthy this summer when fishing for bass.  I could imagine that the Sharkskin could be worse. 

4) The $100 price tag.  While the fly line and fly rod are the most important pieces of gear in your arsenal (besides a good attitude), this seems a bit excessive.  The top end Rio line is $64.95

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