Fishing at the Moorman's

Today my friend Paul and I went to the Trout Unlimited section of the Moorman's River just outside of town.  The future of the river is going to be a hot topic in the next few weeks.  Trout Unlimited will be meeting with the Director of the Rivanna Water Authority to see if the dam above the river can be removed.  At the very least, it would be nice if the dam released more water.  

Fishing today was pleasant.  The past few days have been sunny and warm, but today the temperature dropped down to the 40s.  Some trout were feeding on midges coming off the surface, but did not seem to enjoy my imitations.  I switched to a trusty hair's ear nymph and hooked a nice rainbow.  A local streamer that called a "Christmas Tree" also proved effective.  

Fish cannot resist the hair ear nypmh

Paul with the first rainbow of the day.  This catch was awesome.  We saw a fish about 7 feet in front of us.  Paul cast a nymph 20 feet upstream and let the fly dead drift down.  The fish moved into position and chomped when the fly arrived. 

The author with a shiny rainbow 


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