A Little Practice

I have been rather lackadaisical with posting the past ten days or so.  I owe my friend Rob a post on hunting and I wanted to do a piece on the fly-fishing industry.  These will have to wait. Two excuses for this laziness.  First, I've got a rather nasty cold.  Second, I have my comprehensive exams coming up this weekend.  Four 8-hour exams to determine if I can move on to the dissertation stage of the Ph.D. process. Bleah! 

Anyway, I just got back from a run and some fly-casting.   I'm trying to fix my wristy-canted cast into some tight loops.  I've got a pretty sick double-haul, but my fundamentals are shoddy.  I'm also perpetually annoyed by all the people who say "Catch Anything" when I'm practicing outside. They all think they are so original and clever.  My friend Nick, out in Utah, once said in response, "Just Your Mother's Crabs ..."


stuffie said...

adam, great post man. i am really enjoying this blog. sorry that i have not posted anything sooner. keep up the great work! great action shot on the cover page!

Adam said...

Thanks man! Hope you continue too