7 Reasons Why Fly Fishing is Better than Golf

I used to be delusional.  There was once a time, 5 years ago or so where I thought that golf was fun.  I took lessons, bought all the fancy gear, practiced a lot, and played some rounds.  My father even took up the game despite previous lampooning of "gophers."  Sorry dad for bringing the game home.  Each time I played, the only fun was masochistic pleasure at my own inability.  For a while, I convinced myself that if I only I practiced more, received more lessons, bought more gear, I could get better.  Then I just realized, why not go fishing?  Thus, the top seven reasons fishing is better.  Please send me more.  

1) A lot of golf courses are not environmentally sustainable.  Think Phoenix. People see the Masters on T.V. and want their home courses to look just as green.  Thus, managers take water from shrinking rivers to give the annual three feet per cubic foot required.  They also spray pesticides and herbicides all of the place.  A planned golf development near the Yellowstone River in Montana is using irrigation to draw water from this famous trout stream. 

2)  You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars a day to go fishing (usually--there are some ridiculous "rod fees" on some rivers). 

3) Beer can be kept cool in the river

4) This guy is not a fly fisherman:

5) What is more exciting, tying into a 6 pound Brown Trout or hitting a shank into the woods? 

6) The excitement of  fighting a huge Jack Crevalle can last for 20 minutes.  Even a 275 yard bomb will land in under ten seconds. 

7) Hitting bad shots generally leads to a bad golf round.  Even if your not catching fish, standing in a river and enjoying the natural surroundings is great. 

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