A Couple Hours on the James

This weekend, I came to the realization that while I am a fairly competent trout angler--feeling confident that I will catch some fish no matter the conditions--the same is not true for bass.  For some reason, the smallmouth here in Virginia seem to resist my best efforts to catch them.  Sure, I do well on farm ponds with largemouths and the annoying bluegills, but I just have not yet figured out the smallmouth rivers.

On Sunday, I spent about three hours fishing the James near the public boat put-in in Scottsville.  The water was unusually high, restricting wading to a small stretch of water up to the route 20 bridge.  I was fishing my Winston 6 wt with a sinking line and Galloup streamers.   Casting to the banks and stripping back secured one exciting follow by a 13-inch smallmouth and a sore rotator cuff, but that was about it.   Next time, I will try to rent a canoe to fish the James.  The water is just too deep to cover by wading. 

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