The Return

After a couple of months absent from the blogosphere, I have decided to return.  While I do not like making any excuses, April was a busy month for me.  I had the oral examination for my Ph.D in U.S. History.  The exam is two and a half hours of questioning by four professors.  After the exam,  I did some hard-core fishing and as my friend Alex would say, "chillaxing."  

My buddy Adam and I went up to Waynesboro for the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival.  We took a casting class from Bob Clouser, checked out the new gear, new flies, and sampled some wine.  Wine and fly fishing seem a natural, but pretentious, pair.  

 In May, I returned to Salt Lake City for two weeks.  After the obligatory check-in at Western Rivers, I found out that most of the rivers were blown out from runoff.  But my brother Jesse and I had a great time fishing Huntington Creek, a tailwater 3 hours away.  

After returning in June, I started bass fishing in Virginia and in July, I made the annual pilgrimage to the Green River back in Utah.  More on each of these events in posts to come.  For now, enjoy the nice picture of a Green River Brown. 

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