This past weekend I had the opportunity of fishing twice, once at the Conway River and once at the North Fork of the Moorman's.  At the Conway, I got some small 6-7 inch brown trout.  An interesting finding considering the rumors that have been going around at this river.  According to local fly shop legend, the Department of Fish and Game removed all the brown trout from this river two years ago in an effort to replenish the native brook trout population.  I brought my findings to local TU President Chubby Damron.  Chubby just smiled, went into his truck and showed me a picture of a 22 inch brown he had pulled out of the Conway.  Apparently the stories of brown trout removal were just rumors. 

The next day I headed up to my usual stalking grounds at the Moorman's River.  A local boy scout completed an Eagle Scout Project by improving streamside access and building a mulch path leading to the river.  The path will help handicapped people access the fishing at Trout Unlimited events and saves some bushwhacking through briars.   The North Fork was fishing very well this weekend.  I fished downstream, swinging olive wooly buggers to pick up some very nice brook trout.  I caught the largest one yet in the stream, a nice 12-incher.  May not sound like much, but a 12 inch brook trout in one of these mountain streams is a veritable monster.  The reservoir at the bottom of the Moorman's also had great fishing.  I picked up several nice brookies on wooly buggers.   Sorry, no pictures.  I was fishing by myself! 

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hokiehill said...

I just got into fly fishing last year and spent most of the spring/summer getting comfortable with my cast on a pond we have south west of Richmond. This spring i plan on getting out to the James near Richmond for some bass fly fishing but also hope to do some trout fishing. No trout fishing exists in Richmond and most of the closest trout streams are in the area you mention. I'm curious about the best way to access the streams/rivers you mention and if it's possible without paying daily rod fees?