Rapidan River

Today was the "day off" between my comprehensive exams for a Ph.D. in U.S. History.  Given that I wrote about Herbert Hoover yesterday, I thought it fitting to go fishing today at the Rapidan River.  Hoover, upon assuming the Presidency in 1929, wanted to set up a retreat to escape Washington D.C heat and politics.  As a fly-fisherman, the Rapidan was a natural choice.  The river was and is cooler in the summer, devoid of mosquitoes, and full of brooktrout.  Hoover frequented the area and built a luxurious cabin near the headwaters.  I called up my friend Paul after handing in the first two exams and headed out.

With temperatures in the high 60s and sunshine, the Rapidan was gorgeous.  The fish are still a bit lethargic.  I had the best success dead drifting weighted nymphs upstream and swinging soft hackle while fishing downstream.  Since the Rapidan is only accessible by a fire road, I had a chance to try some off-roading in my pickup truck.  It was pretty impressive.  Tomorrow, I return to the exams. 


Martin Shifflett said...

Adam, I have absolutely enjoyed your post. I grew up in Albemarle, left for school, lived in D.C. for too long and have now come back to Free Union, Va. I grew up fishing these rivers and will "relearn" flyflishing with my two little boys. Please continue these great post and hopefully I will meet you above the first ford.

Adam said...

Thanks Martin. Glad you enjoyed it. Continue to comment!